Period Pain

About period pain...

Menstrual cramps or period pain (dysmenorrhea) is pain in the lower stomach area caused by menstruation (6a) and is caused by a release of substances called prostaglandins (7b). Period pain occurs a few days before, during or after a menstrual period with the most intense pain occurring 24 hours after the period begins and subsides after 2 to 3 days (7c).

How Ibuprofen helps...

Ibuprofen is an effective treatment for rapid pain relief (18a) and is effective in controlling pain and inflammation in a variety of inflammatory and painful conditions (18b), such as period pain and menstrual cramps (18a). Effective (18b, 20a), well-tolerated (18c) and with a favourable safety profile (18d), Ibuprofen is the active ingredient in Nurofen Tablets.

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S1 Nurofen® Period Pain. Reg. No. W/2.7/142. Each sugar-coated tablet contains 400 mg Ibuprofen, sugar 226,2 mg.


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